New Beauty Faves // My latest tried and true beauty products.

New Beauty Faves // March.

Since I’m always testing new products and experimenting with my skincare, beauty, hair & nails routine (I’m a bit of a product junkie!), New Beauty Faves is my way of letting you know what’s been tried & tested and has landed on my radar as a new favorite:

New Beauty Faves // My latest tried and true beauty products.

  • The Ordinary Buffet Serum: I like to consider this my do it all day serum. After hearing everyone rave about The Ordinary (and their accessible price points), I finally was able to get my hands on several products during a Sephora restock and they did not disappoint. I’ve been using their Buffet serum during the day and it’s really improved my skin’s texture and glow, which was desperately needed after lots of travel and weather changes.
  • Erborian Cleansing Water: After always being a 2X a day regular cleansing kind of gal I recently switched over to using a cleansing water in the morning to remove traces of my nighttime skincare routine and any other grime before applying my makeup. I really like this one from Erborian because it’s really gentle but does an amazing job leaving my skin really clean – a little bit also goes a long way and this bottle will last at least 6 months!
  • Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask: This mask has become my go to for when my skin just needs a little boost without any major concerns. The rose clay helps draw out excess oil and shrink pores without being drying or leaving my face tight and the jojoba beads make an exfoliating finish when you wash it off.
  • Zero Sweat Deodorant: Not a very glam product but if you suffer from everyday sweat stains, this stuff is seriously the holy grail. It’s a bit harsh but when applied at night it instantly stops excess sweat and saves you from embarrassing pit stains on your clothing. I’ve been using this once a week and it’s made a huge difference (and then I just use a normal deodorant during the day).
  • Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocooon: I love this night cream because it’s really lightweight and not greasy – it really sinks in deep throughout the night to leave me with a glow when I wake up. It also smells incredible, like lavender, which helps with my bedtime routine.
  • Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask: My lips have been seriously dry lately and after Sam raved about this lip mask while we were in Mexico City, I had to grab some for myself. I apply at night before bed and haven’t had any issues with dry, flakey lips ever since (and it can also be worn during the day too!)
  • Gold Snail Hydrogel Eye Mask: Nothing does the trick for puffy, tired eyes quite like these snail hydrogel eye masks! I love wearing them after long flights or in the morning while I have my coffee to instantly make me look more awake and refreshed. They’re also ultra affordable and feel extra amazing if you stash ’em in the fridge for some serious cooling effects.
  • L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil: An oil is always part of my hair routine to help smooth things out and fight frizz and L’Oreal ‘s Elvive oil is really lightweight so I don’t have to worry about my hair feeling greasy, plus it helps moisturize dry hair and leaves your hair really soft and shiny.
  • Alba Botanica Very Emollient Body Lotion: This body lotion is simple, yet amazing – it’s fragrance free and sinks in deep to moisturize skin without feeling greasy or oily. I love that it absorbs really quickly so you can apply right after the shower without any issues squeezing into your jeans afterwards, and it’s also gentle on sensitive skin.
  • Pure Soothing Comfort Lavender & Chamomile Spray: After dealing with my sleeping woes I picked up this calming spray and have been spraying my pillows and blanket before bed every evening to help me relax and settle into my bedtime routine. It smells amazing and is really relaxing and is a nice trigger to help my body know it’s time to go to sleep each night.
  • The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed Oil: Another gem from the Ordinary! I’ve tried my fair share of facial oils but was drawn to this one because of the anti-aging properties of rose hip seed oil. Applying two drops at night over my moisturizer helps plump and hydrate skin without causing breakouts.
  • Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo: I’m all about dry shampoo and texturizing spray to keep my hair looking fresh throughout the week with as few washes as possible which can lead to some serious build up and this shampoo helps clear away any gunk left my products to leave your hair squeaky (literally) clean.
  • L’Oreal Lumi Glotion: I like to keep my everyday makeup routine pretty simple and a few drops of L’Oreal Lumi Glotion mixed into my moisturizer leaves my skin with the most subtle, pretty glow so that I can skip the highlighter and go lighter on my foundation. The soft pink works really well on my fair skin and it helps moisturize and prime my skin to keep my makeup looking great throughout the day.
  • W3LL People Narcissist Foundation: Stick foundations are a traveler’s best friend since you don’t have to worry about any spills or leaks, and they can be applied quickly without even using a mirror. I’ve been loving this option from W2LL People because its lightweight and creamy for a no makeup makeup look with just the right amount of coverage to even out your skin tone without making it look like you’re wearing a heavy, full face of makeup.
  • The Balm ‘Hot Mama’ Blush: After religiously using NARS’ ‘Orgasm’ blush for years I was in search of a more pigmented everyday blush and this is the perfect dupe at a great price point. The color is a universally flattering peach with a hint of gold (almost identical to Orgasm) with just a little more of a pigmented punch.
  • Urban Decay Perversion Mascara: I’m really picky when it comes to mascara but immediately fell in love with Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara after receiving it as part of a Sephora birthday gift. This mascara lengthens and adds just the right amount of volume, and is really buildable for a subtle daytime look or more dramatic lashes for night.

Did you find any new beauty faves this month? What are some of your go to products? Any recommendations for me?

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