On Our Radar.

Happy New Year and welcome to the year’s first edition of On Our Radar! Cait’s back home in San Francisco after she rang in the New Year on another solo journey in Europe. I, on the other hand, am still thawing out after my little hometown in Pennsylvania saw more than five feet of snow in one day, then another two feet after that (no kidding). Like many of you, Cait and I are brainstorming some goals and plans for the year. This week, I’m heading to California for a new job, so many of my short-term priorities (like organizing my belongings and then fully unpacking) are tied up in that. But my big-picture goals for the year are a lot like Cait’s — I want to collect memories of experiences, rather than things, and express more gratitude on a daily basis. What are some of your top goals for 2018?

And here’s what happened on the blog this week:

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