Do You Snapchat?

Guys… I’m addicted to Snapchat. I’m not quite sure when the obsession began but it’s gotten serious – every day after I get home from work I plop down in bed and watch every snap from the day. It’s become my favorite little way to unwind at the end of the day; with how polished and perfect social media has become there’s just something really fun and refreshing about the casual and real nature of Snapchat. Anyone else been feeling the same?

Do You Snapchat?

While I’m not quite an expert level snapper myself (I feel like my day to day isn’t exciting enough for Snapchat!), I’ve definitely found a few favorites to follow:

  • e.schuman: I’ve been a long time Cupcakes & Cashmere reader and it’s been interesting to see established bloggers adapt to the new platform. Emily does a nice job balancing glimpses into her everyday life with Snapchat exclusive content like skincare tips and prepping for shoots.
  • graymalin: Not only is Gray’s work stunning but you can tell from his Snapchat that he’s just a really great guy as well! His Snapchat gives you a behind the scenes look at the amazing locations he’s shooting in with a nice mix of his day to day life at home in LA.
  • jengotch: Jen is the boss lady behind and I seriously end up cracking up every time I watch her snap story. I love seeing that she really lives the fun of the brand she’s created and isn’t afraid to be a little eccentric and silly.
  • kristiedash: Ever wonder what the life of a magazine editor is like? Look no further than Kristie’s Snapchat – she’s a digital beauty editor at Allure and her snaps provide a little glimpse into the non-stop life of the industry, as well as sneak peeks into new product launches and mini reviews of her faves.

Are you into Snapchat right now? Who are some of your favorite people to follow? Leave a comment with your username – I’d love to follow along! 

PS. I’m caitweingartner on Snapchat if you’re interested in Callie snaps and random happenings around San Francisco ;)