i said yes.

Yep, I said yes… to carrots, blueberries, cucumbers and tomatoes

L to R:  Repairing Night Cream, Intensive Skin Repair SerumNourishing Repair Hand Cream, Soothing Eye Gel, Clear Skin Acne Pore ScrubBrightening Facial Towelettes(all products c/o Yes to Carrots)

You know what one of the best things about Twitter is? Being able to instantly have questions answered or get recommendations.  A few months ago I was looking for advice on some new beauty products and the lovely Delilah from Yes to Carrots responded, recommending a few of the brand’s products (which I had been meaning to try forever).  When she offered to send me some of her favorites to test out for myself, I was pretty darn excited and the day these babies arrived at my door it was like a mini Christmas morning.
Immediately I noticed that every single product has a great, clean smell to it. I also totally love the fact that all of the products are made from natural ingredients and are cruelty free – it’s definitely great to know that I’m not using products made from any crazy chemicals or that have been tested on animals.
After using the products for about a month now, I’m definitely hooked.  I love the brand’s wide variety of products – there really is something for everyone and solutions for every type of hair and skin.  Here’s a rundown on my favorites – 

  • Repairing Night Cream: A night cream is something I have never used in the past.  I’ve always just applied my usual moisturizer after washing my face and that was that.  This is a great hydrating cream that just feels good to put on and leaves your face super soft and smooth in the morning.
  • Intensive Skin Repair Serum:  I’ve been on the hunt for a new serum for months now after my fave was suddenly discontinued and this is the perfect replacement.  A little bit goes a long way and helps brighten your face and even out skin tone.
  • Nourishing Repair Hand Cream: Seriously my new favorite hand cream ever (and I own a ton).  Perfect non-greasy cream that really moisturizes – this is now a staple at my desk at work and I’m constantly forcing others to try it.  
  • Soothing Eye Gel:  The cool, refreshing feeling of putting cucumbers on your eyes without a trip to the produce aisle.  Love dabbing this on after a long day at work (staring at a computer monitor) and it’s even better if you put it in the fridge for a few minutes before applying.  
  • Clear Skin Acne Pore Scrub:  I feel like I’m constantly trying new facial scrubs – this one not only is great for exfoliating, but leaves your face feeling super clean, which is a huge plus. 
  • Brightening Facial Towelettes:  I’ve always resisted hopping on the facial towelette boat because I felt like while they were great for removing makeup, they didn’t leave my face feeling very clean – these changed all of that.  Perfect for the gal on the go, these leave your face feeling great and they smell totally wonderful.

Want to try some for yourself?  You can shop online or find a retailer (there are tons of options!!)