Last week was a long and busy one, so this weekend was all about catching up.  I did a lot of cooking, baked up some treats to mail to a friend and even made some Pugly Pixel-inspired glittery magnets for the fridge.
Callie and I took a few trips to the dog park, which is her current obsession.  She’s totally anti-social and usually doesn’t play with the other dogs, but it’s tennis ball heaven and there’s a great pond (she’s the silliest swimmer ever – her tail stays above water and moves back and forth like a rudder).
My dad mailed me one of my favorite things about New Jersey was sent to be – a 3.5 pound roll of Taylor Ham.  I’ve only been gone a month (holy crap, that went fast) but nothing out here can compare to the pizza and breakfast sandwiches (on a bagel, duh) back home.