dusting off.

Well, this is what living in a hotel for sixteen days looks like.  A whole lot of room service, stacks of newspapers & a few cocktails.  I flew home earlier this week and have been getting settled in & back into the routine of things – I had about eight loads of laundry to catch up on + one very lonely puppy.  So, it’s time to dust off the good old blog and get back into the swing of things.
I’ve busted out my editorial calendar & got all caught up on my Google Reader (trust me, it wasn’t easy) and I am once again feeling inspired.  
Thank you for sticking with me – it’s even harder than I had imagined trying to find the balance between my career, personal life & this little blog.  To tell you the truth, some days of mine just are not pretty or fun and when I get home from work after my two hour commute, I have nothing worth sharing.  But that’s what you guys are for, right?  The wonderful world of blogging where there seems to always be an endless supply of inspiration and images that have me drooling all over my keyboard.
So here I am, giving it another go.