the little things.

I’ve always said that it’s “the little things” that matter the most – it’s these things that happen every day that we most often take for granted.  We could have a day with a hundred different great little things be completely ruined by one issue that we deem to be much larger and more important.  

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always remember to step back and appreciate all of the little things I have and that happen each day – I’ll get in a funk over one thing and just be in a mood where nothing can go right & the day cannot be salvaged.  In fact, I’ve kind of been in one of those funks for the past week.  I’m feeling blah.  I have no desire to do the things I usually love – cooking, taking pictures, blogging, baking, picking out cute outfits, I even don’t feel like Twittering.

So this is my attempt to shake the funk I’ve been in and take a second & enjoy the little things.

My team at work made this awesome infographic about how Word-of-Mouth marketing matters for business – this little beauty reached over 50K people on Twitter, got my boss an invitation to a pretty cool event & I even got kudos in the office on Monday after I presented it (yes, I am NOT joking).

Spotted this lovely little Vespa outside a restaurant in New York on Thursday – I have a pretty serious Vespa addiction, even though I think I’d be too chicken to actually drive one.  They’re beautiful.

I finally got to meet my newest cousin, Lily on Sunday!  She’s the prettiest baby I’ve ever seen and she seemed to like me, which helped me recover from my last baby holding experience where the kid would not stop crying.

It’s been sunny! And kind of warm! Spring is finally here and it feels SO good to not be freezing my butt off.  Some mild temperatures & some sunshine makes me a happy lady.
Okay, so I am seriously embarrassed to be posting an office bathroom mirror picture, but LOOK! BARE LEGS! After wearing tights and pants all winter, it felt damn good to let my legs loose on Monday.  Also note the center part, which was my first time rockin’ it since 2005.