happy birthday callie!

Remember that time I was the worst blogger ever?  Because I totally do.  Work has been bananas and I lost my camera cord to upload photos.

Anyway, lets get to the important stuff…. it’s Callie’s birthday!

To celebrate one of the loveliest days of the year, Callie wanted to do a Friday Faves of her very own…

  1. Custom Pet Portrait – I think this combines my mom’s love of Etsy & me pretty darn well
  2. Weatherbeeta Joules Dog Blanket – For going to the barn in the winter
  3. Nylabones – You see, I’m a serious chewer. These things hold up & the steak smells like BBQ.
  4. Chuck It – MY FAVORITE THING EVER. If it were up to me, I’d Chuck It all day long. Plus, mom stinks at throwing so this helps make fetch not suck.
  5. Orbee-Tough RecycleBALL – Another toy that I can’t destroy. Great for playing inside & they smell like mint.
  6. Flexi Leash – Hey, I like a little space when I’m doin’ my business.  
  7. Cody’s Creations Collars – I have a bunch of these collars! They’re adorable, durable & a portion of each sale is donated to a local animal shelter.