have a seat.

Ikat Slipper Chair & an Eames Reproduction (hey, I’m on a budget)

Confession – my living room is kind of empty and boring.  Like, when giving my mom a Skype tour of the place she asked right away, “why is there nothing in your living room?”.  I mean, it’s not totally empty – there’s the desk, couch and media console… but that’s about all.
 Apartment living is really tough because each space is SO different.  In my last apartment, the living room was one big, long open space that I was able to divide up into two defined areas – desk/work space and relaxation/television space.  We bought furniture that worked in the space and it’s just not workin’ here.
So, I’m asking for your help.  I’ll be working on filling up the room in sections and first up on the list is a corner I’d love to make into a reading nook.  And what does every reading nook need?  A chair.
The trouble with decorating this room is that all new items must work with my current furniture, BUT pretty much all of my current furniture will be upgraded as budget allows.  So, everything must look okay with the old stuff and amazing with the new.
I’m looking for a chair that will go well with both my current couch (an IKEA Karlstad in Sivik Gray) and future couch (West Elm’s Henry sofa in Dove Gray).  I’m not looking for something to match the sofa, that’s just not my style.
Can you help a girl out?  Got a great chair suggestion?  Send it my way.  Find my perfect chair and I’ll for serious bake you some cookies.